Image of Interlock 80 in Antique Blend

Antique Blend

Other Available Colours - Original Collection:

Antique Blend Autumn Blend Charcoal Federation Red Grey Sandstone Silver Terracotta Natural Cappuccino Mocha Platinum

Other Available Colours - Granite Collection:

Arctic Chert Pebble Beach Sea Mist Storm Cloud Tundra

Other Available Colours - Stonewash Collection:

Charcoal Grey Silver

The Interlock 80 bevelled edges create visual appeal and also prevent chipping and spalling. The multi-faceted jointing planes of each paver offer resistance to rotational and lateral forces. Interlock is ideally suited for roadways and is an exceptional product for commercial and industrial hardstanding. This product is available in Machine Laid format.

These products are also available in Antique Blend in the 80mm Commercial Pavers.