Image of Dekopave 80 in Antique Blend

Antique Blend

Other Available Colours - Original Collection:

Antique Blend Autumn Blend Charcoal Federation Red Grey Sandstone Silver Terracotta Natural Cappuccino Mocha Platinum

Other Available Colours - Granite Collection:

Arctic Chert Pebble Beach Sea Mist Storm Cloud Tundra

Other Available Colours - Stonewash Collection:

Charcoal Grey Silver

Dekopave 80 has a unique design and attractive pattern creating a strong visual appeal whilst providing the strength and stability of an interlocking paver. Dekopave is ideal for use on roadways, commercial development and industrial hardstanding, yet gives a unique aesthetic appearance. This product is available in Machine Laid format.

These products are also available in Antique Blend in the 80mm Commercial Pavers.