Limestone Block Information

Reconstituted limestone blocks (RLB’s) are a utility and face product that can be used for retaining walls, screening walls, noise abatement, fences and landscaping projects. They are made from quarried material such as limestone and laterite, sand, cement and in some cases, recycled materials. Retaining wall blocks have one purpose made face.

Because of the materials they are made from they offer the following advantages over alternative products:

  • Low cost for mass when compared with forming concrete on site.
  • Limestone Blocks can be used as face or in ground for retaining.
  • Compared to sawn natural limestone, reconstituted limestone blocks are made with cement, offer superior strength and do not have voids or inconsistent mass.

Ordering Blocks

Due to the characteristic nature of the raw materials, surface texture variation on the face of the product will vary from block to block and between production runs. It is recommended that all required product be ordered and delivered at the same time. Ensure any specification or application issues are addressed with Brikmakers prior to order placement.

Inspection of Product Prior to Installation

Brikmakers encourages customers to carefully inspect and observe all delivered product to ensure all quality expectations are met. Should a problem arise, it must be directed to Brikmakers prior to the product being installed.

Matching Face Blocks with LB 350 Blocks

Brikmakers LB 350 blocks have a different texture and colour. This is due to being made on a different machine to the rest of the reconstituted block range.

Bevelled Reconstituted Blocks

Brikmakers has blocks with bevelled faces available in the following sizes:

  • Metre blocks 1000mm x 350mm x 350mm in Limestone and Natural Earth colours.
  • 500 Blocks (Half Key Blocks) 500mm x 350mm x 240mm in Limestone and Natural Earth colours.

What is a Backer Block or RLR?

Brikmakers Backer Blocks, often called RLR Blocks, are purpose made from recycled materials. They comprise more than 85% recycled waste material; some quarry sourced material and cement. RLR Blocks will vary in colour within and between batches. Backer Blocks are not made as a face quality product and are mostly used for mass in ground retaining behind face blocks.

Brikmakers strive to generate low emissions and reduce the use of limited natural resources. As a result of these efforts, Brikmakers was presented with a HIA Greensmart Award for this environmentally friendly product.

Blocks Mortar Mix

Mortar mixes are based on C:L:S ratios where:

  • C represents (portland) cement;
  • L represents limes;
  • S represents (brickies) sand.

The mortar mix recommendation (C:L:S) for M3 application is 1:1:6.

The mortar mix recommendation (C:L:S) for M4 application is 1:0:4.

Packing and Delivery Information

Reconstituted Limestone Blocks can be supplied on a pallet if requested. Pallets require a $27.00 deposit each plus G.S.T. This deposit is fully refundable if the pallets are returned in a usable condition.

Packs can be stretch wrapped if requested at a cost of $7.00 per pack plus G.S.T.

Packs can be double wrapped if requested at a cost of $7.00 per pack plus G.S.T.


Efflorescence is a white powdery deposit that may form on the blocks. It does not affect structural integrity and will dissipate over time. Efflorescence is not indicative of a flawed product. It is a harmless, temporary condition due to external salt sources from surrounding materials such as water, mortar, concrete or salty soils.