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Yanchep Secondary College is a purpose built school designed to meet the educational needs of secondary-students in a rapidly growing area. Designed by With_Architecture Studio the project responded to the windswept, undulating site with a distinctive two-storey campus. The predominant material was an aim to fit within but not repeat a limestone vernacular.

The nearby unique marine coastal landscape provided the design inspiration to develop a suite of artworks for the College. These were developed by artist Rick Vermey around the theme of motion and translated into patternation then applied to louvre screens, brickwalls and glazing.

In two prominent locations, patterned brick walls with over 4000 custom profiled saddleback bricks were laid in a dune ripple design. Using parametric scripting, Rick designed a complex artwork pattern with detailed layout plan for the bricklayers to follow. Custom shaped bricks were produced by Brikmakers to match the design specifications. A sample of a golden brick known as Dark Cream from Brikmakers, unproduced for years, which had sat in the Architects’ archive was revived and custom made for the project as "Yanchep Cream".

These decorative patterned brick panels provide a welcoming and unusual gateway into the College. The brick artworks make a strong contribution to the college identity, reflecting a sense of place unique to its coastal location and providing a vibrant, uplifting gateway experience for students and staff.

'Rhythm & Flow' compliments the college’s curriculum of marine science and the natural environment, with a focus on teaching students skills in coding and programming. The artworks also make a strong contribution to the identity of the college, reflecting a sense of place unique to its coastal location, and providing a vibrant and uplifting experience for students and staff, to inspire contemplation and quiet reflection.

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