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Transforming Western Australia’s oldest street – Stirling Terrace in Albany - to commemorate the departure of ANZAC troops to Gallipoli in 1914 was a project conceived by The City of Albany. Bringing their vision to reality was the work of infrastructure architects, AECOM, working with Brikmakers’ products to create a contemporary and timeless precinct that complements Albany’s rich architectural heritage.

Aesthetics, functionality and value were crucial parameters driving paving material selection. Three contrasting tones of grey were selected in Brikmakers’ Stonewash exposed-aggregate paving range in the largest, trafficable units available. A herringbone pattern was designed to resist traffic movements and achieve long-term durability while uniting traditionally separate car and pedestrian zones. This created an open, uncluttered and versatile streetscape. The area is designed to allow alfresco opportunities, parking capacity and unencumbered vistas to the harbour.

The tight deadline of completion by ANZAC Centenary celebrations was achieved with the pedestrian-focused events activating the precinct. The exposed aggregate finish, coupled with the randomised tonal gradation and well-sealed finish, resisted damage or stains from food and beverages, car parking and general environmental wear. The public access way remains fresh and contemporary while complementing the area’s heritage - setting a benchmark for future upgrades.

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