Project Summary

Brikmakers Brick Products:
Double Decker Cobalt Glazed | CustomBrik

Brikmakers Paver Products:
Charcoal, Grey, Silver | Vistapave pavers | Original Collection

BGC Construction

Kent Lyon Architect

Statesman Bricklaying

Performance Paving

The vision for the School was to achieve an environment that reflects as a children’s playground, creating open space within and around the buildings that encourages curiosity and interaction with the environment. Through the use of different tactile finishes, colour, pattern, artwork, garden walls and landscaping the design achieves a three dimensional space that stimulates the imagination and provides a multitude of different experiences within the one space.

To enhance the aesthetic value of the standard template building elevations the design uses elements of the building fabric to accentuate colours. The vibrancy of primary colours is enhanced by the glazed black brick as the backdrop. The idea being to stimulate young students and inspire creative learning. The state-of-the-art facilities include four teaching blocks, library, administration, covered assembly building, dental health clinic, canteen and new oval.

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