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Fleet & Beck

Fleet & Beck

The leading building company, Fleet & Beck wanted to create a unique, energy-efficient home with high, arched, vaulted ceilings constructed using bricks which had the colour-texture variation of the traditional wire-cut and pressed products used in the early 20th century. But they also wanted easy-to-lay, precision-engineered blocks with excellent compressive strength and a high enough thermal mass to eliminate the need for air-conditioning in the home.

Brikmakers met on-site with Director, Adam Fleet, and he selected their Lathlain red brick from the wide selection available. According to Mr Fleet, Brikmakers' natural-looking product has delivered the perfect red/orange palette which complements the natural limestone also used extensively throughout the home. The Lathlain red bricks were also favoured because they have an aesthetically appealing semi-glazed finish which makes them visually exciting and exceptionally easy to clean.

The main, 5.5 x 20-metre brick roof is so astonishingly strong it even supports a roof-top terrace which adds the final, imaginative touch to this extraordinarily different contemporary homage to a classic design and construction approach which first proved itself many centuries ago. "The combination of limestone and Brikmakers' outstanding Lathlain red brick is time-honoured and still stunning", Mr Fleet said.

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