Project Summary

Brikmakers Brick Products:
Boston Grey, Kansas Sunset & New York Tan | Lloyd Wright Collection

PACT Construction

Hames Sharley

Redevelopment of the 37-year-old Hawaiian Bassendean Shopping Centre was a 52-week project completed in July 2014 by PACT Construction. The redevelopment expanded the floor space of the centre from 7688sqm to 9845sqm. The Hames Sharley design focused on Australian architectural elements and the heritage of the Bassendean community. The new building facade’s plan is about being locally proud, with building materials selected that are a modern interpretation of resources found in and around Bassendean.

Face-brick features prominently on the exterior and seamlessly merges with steel, timber and metal cladding throughout the new building. The walls feature a unique blend of Brikmakers Lloyd Wright Collection Roman bricks in Boston Grey, Kansas Sunset and New York Tan. The three hues of brick have been laid in stack bond in a repetitive design to create a geometric pattern that is attractive and eye-catching from every angle.

The pleasing outcome of the redevelopment was a new Centre that attracted a vibrant mix of new retailers, providing local shoppers with a broader offering. Hawaiian Bassendean Shopping Centre is a modernised space for locals to shop and interact as a community.

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