Packs of brick, blocks and pavers are heavy! Let us take care of transportation for you.

Delivery for all our products can be arranged by a Brikmakers sales consultant. Please request delivery when ordering your products and the delivery fee will be included.

Tip: Products may vary between batches, it is recommended that all required product be ordered and delivered at the same time.

Pick Up

From one piece to packs, you can choose to collect direct from our yard.

Our South Guildford location has allocated trailer parking bays available, close to the retail centre and the pick up yard.

For all trailer pick-ups, unless you have a ute, large 4WD or a small truck and a trailer with brakes, the maximum load is 500kg. Please refer to Trailer & Vehicle Weight Restrictions table for more information.

Only webbing straps with a ratchet tensioner are to be used to secure the load. Brikmakers can sell or hire these straps to you if required.

Please be aware of the following points:

  • Webbing straps made to Australian Standards will have loading capacity marked on the strap.
  • The minimum strap to be used is a 35mm strap which has a 1500kg lashing capacity.
  • Loading position: minimum 600mm in from the rear of the tray and preferably as close to the front or headboard as possible.

For more information please view our Customer Vehicle Loading Work Procedure.

Safety is important to us! Enclosed footwear must be worn for entry to the Brikmakers yard for all pick-ups.

Loose Loading

Legal restrictions exist for the loading of loose product into vehicles and trailers. Loose pieces can only be loaded into a fully enclosed boot or luggage compartment. Brikmakers will only load vehicles where the load can be adequately secured. Under no circumstance will Brikmakers allow product to be loaded unsafely or insecurely.

Loose Pieces
4 cylinder vehicle Max 100kg
Small 4 cylinder vehicle and all hatchbacks Max 70kg
6 cylinder vehicle Max 150kg
1 tonne ute Max 1000kg

Trailer & Vehicle Weight Restrictions

Refer to the table for an estimation of whether your vehicle can carry the capacity of bricks you wish to purchase and pick up. Remember to include the weight of the trailer in your calculation.

Rated Towing Capacity Examples of utes and 4WD Trailer with Brakes Trailer without Brakes
Ford Falcon Ute, Ranger, Territory Maximum 2000kg Maximum 500kg
Isuzu D-Max Crew Cab Ute
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Mazda BT-50
Nissan Navara, Patrol
Toyota Landcruiser
Toyota Hilux
Rated Towing Capacity Examples of large sedands & wagons Trailer with Brakes Trailer without Brakes
Commodore Maximum 500kg Maximum 500kg
Commodore Wagon
Ford Fairlane
Holden Statesman
Honda CRV
Mazda 6 Wagon
Toyota Corolla
Rated Towing Capacity Examples of small passenger cars Trailer with Brakes Trailer without Brakes
Mazda 3 Hatch Maximum 500kg Refer to Loose Pieces table
Barina, Yaris, Fiesta, Focus etc. Refer to Loose Pieces table

Please ensure your trailer is marked with load specifications. Unmarked trailers will only be permitted to carry a maximum of 500kg.

Brikmakers courtesy trailers are available for a $30 fee which is fully refundable on return. Drivers must have a valid Australian Drivers Licence to hire.

Safety is important to us! Brikmakers reserve the right to refuse to load any vehicle and/or trailer deemed unsafe or inappropriate for the load requested.

For further information please refer to IB-107B Vehicle Safety and Standards Information Bulletin on Safe Towing