CustomBrik Service

Brikmakers’ CustomBrik Service provides architects, designers and builders with an extraordinary opportunity to develop a brick which is specifically designed to make innovative and very different design ideas achievable.

Brikmakers makes it easy to realise the kind of design freedom you may once have believed to be unaffordable.

The CustomBrik process can provide bespoke colours and finishes using different blends of locally sourced clays, application of glazes and other surface treatments. We can customise sizes and shapes, offer blends of different brick colours, use differing firing techniques as well as tumbling bricks as required.

Subject to the size of the project, the Brikmakers team can arrange to have prototypes made and work with you and your bricklayer to have practice walls erected with various product blends, varying mortar colours and different joints to ensure that the correct look is achieved.

We work with architects and builders to show what can be created within the project budget.

To find out more about how Brikmakers can work with you to deliver your very own CustomBrik, call 1300 360 344 or email us today.

CustomBrik Example