Our unique Supply & Install paving service can take care of all the following in the one, fixed-price so you can you can just sit back, relax and let our professional team handle the entire project. All covered by a 12 month guarantee on all workmanship and Brikmakers products.

Expert design and planning advice and assistance, including:

  1. Help with selecting the best paving colour(s), size(s), shape(s) and texture for your area(s).
  2. Simple, practical advice on the pattern and layout options available.
  3. Design advice on complementing the other elements of your outdoor area(s).
  4. Ensuring any drive-way cross-overs comply with the relevant Shire specifications.

Professional installation including:

  1. Determining the correct quantities of pavers and sand needed.
  2. Machine-compacting and expert screeding of the clean sand ready for laying.
  3. Laying the pavers in the selected pattern/configuration.
  4. Making all the paver cuts necessary to complete the laying.
  5. Providing the edge restraints, where needed.
  6. Compacting the paving.
  7. Brushing in the white, washed jointing sand to lock-in the laid pavers.
  8. Tidying up the site.
  9. Carrying out the follow-up inspection after three months.

We can also advise on any optional extra services such as:

  1. Clearing and preparation of your site including adjustment levels if required.
  2. Removal of any lawn or garden situated where your paving is planned to go.
  3. Adding or removing any sand.
  4. Coordinate waste removal.
  5. Supply and installation of any retaining or garden walls.
  6. Removing or installing soak wells and drains.
  7. Arrange for any necessary modifications to your existing reticulation system.
  8. Providing any after-care products such as paver sealants.

With Brikmakers, your project will be professionally managed and supervised by our highly experienced Installation Manager.