Inspiring Innovation With Warrick Palmateer

Brikmakers is proud to support and work alongside local potter and ceramic artist Warrick Palmateer as he creates a body of work that will be showcased in his next major exhibition. On the outside, this looks like a rather unusual partnership, but it is one that has proven to be extraordinarily rewarding for both parties.

Two key things led Warrick to seeking out the support of Brikmakers; he wanted to work with locally sourced clay and he needed access to the biggest and most sophisticated clay firing kilns he could find. Here at Brikmakers, we were very happy to help him out with both.

Warrick’s exhibition “Confluence” will run from 28 September to 2 December 2018 at the John Curtin Gallery and will showcase at least 12 very large ‘vessels’ in the shape of giant pods fashioned from our cream brick body. This is a blend of locally sourced clays, exactly the same clays used to make many of our popular brick lines. It’s inspiring for us to see the same clay and kilns used to make these amazing works of art right alongside the everyday bricks that West Australians are using to build their homes.

To see more on this amazing journey, please watch our video.

"Brikmakers has given me a lifechanging experience, supporting me to make this exhibition possible and all of the staff here have been incredibly helpful and encouraging"

Warrick Palmateer, Ceramic Artist

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