About Brikmakers

As a proudly Western Australian owned company, Brikmakers supplies bricks, paving and blocks to thousands of building and construction companies and individuals. We operate three manufacturing sites and four retail sales centres in Perth, staffed by over 300 direct and indirect employees.

Evolving from BGC's Blokpave business, which supplied paving, masonry and stone blocks for over 20 years, Brikmakers entered the market in 2009 by offering an expanded product range delivered through a new state-of-the-art brick factory. As the largest greenfields clay brick plant ever built in Australia, Brikmakers is the only plant to have three kilns operating within the same production facility.

The Brikmakers plant accounts for approximately one-third of the State's clay brick production. And when combined with the existing production of BGC's wider masonry products division, Brikmakers holds the title of WA's largest producer of masonry products.

Brikmakers products comprise a comprehensive range of clay and masonry products, including clay face bricks, clay internal and render bricks and concrete masonry face and render bricks. It also produces paving bricks in a range of colours, sizes and textures, and reconstituted limestone retaining wall blocks.

But it is not just Brikmakers' production capacity and range which ensures it stands apart. As the most modern brick producer in Australia, the Brikmakers plant operates at industry best practice with state-of-the-art steel-linked kilns which consume less energy per tonne of product manufactured than those of the older kilns in operation. The bottom line is, Brikmakers generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other existing brick kilns.

The environmental benefits of the Brikmakers plant also flow from the purpose-built gas scrubber, which removes the volatile impurities released when the clay bricks are fired.

This combination of modern kilns and the advanced scrubbing equipment enables Brikmakers to achieve the lowest and most stringent emission limits set for any operating brick plant in Australia.

Much of the brick-making business is about consistency in product quality and the reliability of supply. Brikmakers' performance on both these fronts is underpinned by its ownership of vast proven reserves of clay, its key feedstock.

Brikmakers started actively exploring for suitable clays in 2003 and now has proven reserves of most of the materials required to meet its needs for the next 20 years - all conveniently and economically located in our home state of Western Australia.

Brikmakers Staff